R & D

Helicopter Pilot Crashworthy Seat

  • Seat with structure deformation
  • Controlled Frangible Elements
  • Study of design alternatives

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Turboprop engine support strucrure optimisation

  • Hybrid design
  • Topology optimisation
  • Weight saving 18%



Lightweight design

Most important structural programs
  • Gulfstream G150 Business Jet Rear Fuselage
  • Airbus  A400M Rear Fuselage
  • Airbus A350 Wing
  • Elias Electric Aircraft Composite Wing
  • Airbus A319 Upper Ceiling
  • Helicopter Flight Simulators
 Weight reduction dedicated programs:
  • One & two passenger seats
  • Onboard Tactical console for Navy missions
  • Defence systems mountings
  • Hydraulic Panel Mechanical Brackets
  • Paratroopers Door Air Deflector
Also, we have a LWD Methodology implemented in our company in order to preserve, diseminate and develop LWD Know-How.
The basic principles are:
  • Materials
  • Technology
  • Detail design
  • Topology
  • Hybrid design
Our company has 4 R&D programs in development that are focusing on Lightweight design:

1.The semimembrane plastic behaviour under the aerodynamic pressure
2.Study of welded ribs for lightweight tubular structures
3.Study of spar web lighting holes
4.Hybrid design structures

Air Symphony

  • Two seats composite Canard
  • LSA category
  • Best cost performance motorglider
  • Suitable for both manned and unmanned flight


NUARB is also involved in research programs, the most advanced being Air Symphony – a two seats composite canard which aim to LSA market. Air Symphony will be a best cost performance motor glider. It will be suitable for long range flight, training, aerial survey, photography and, of course, for leisure flight.


  • CS23/ UL compatible aircraft
  • Electric propulsion
  • Partnership with Acentiss Gmbh & PC AERO Gmbh
  • In charge with composite wing design support


Our mission is to support the re-launch of the aviation industry in Brasov by creating an important center of aviation in order to:

  • Attract new technologies
  • Support the competitiveness of the companies within the cluster
  • Train young engineers for the aviation industry (in collaboration with DWK Kit for Future and Transylvania University)
  • Develop researches in the composite fields


  • Sustaining the competitiveness of companies within the cluster and Brasov area by organizing trainings in various fields:

  • Design and stress (engineers)
  • Technology and methodology (engineers)
  • Manufacturing (workers)
  • Quality Control (engineers & technicians)

  • Certification assistance for parts/ tooling manufacturing
  • A common center for product/tooling design for all members
  • A workshop for prototypes and repairs