ILA Berlin 2012

New exhibition grounds set standards – 230,000 visitors on the trade visitor days and Open Weekend – new sections very well received – next ILA in late May 2014

Berlin, 16 September 2012 – The debut event of the International Air Show ILA 2012 on the new exhibition grounds at Berlin ExpoCenter Airport was an unqualified success. Exhibitor numbers were the highest in the ILA’s 100-year history, with 1,243 exhibitors from 46 countries (2010: 1,153 / 47) providing an outstanding display of high-tech products from all parts of the aerospace industry. As at the last ILA, around 230,000 trade visitors and members of the public came to find out about the products and services being exhibited. Over the course of the show they were able to enjoy a programme that featured a total of 36 hours of flying displays. At 125,000, trade visitor numbers remained high. 3,600 members of the media from 65 countries provided written and broadcast coverage of events at the Berlin Air Show, ensuring it received worldwide attention.

New concepts at the ILA spelled the inclusion of new sections and topics such as unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and eco-efficient flight, which met with keen interest. The UAS section exhibited a wide range of products, ranging from small unmanned systems to large unmanned aircraft for use in civil and military environments. The industrial innovations and research projects on display included aircraft seats, cabin concepts of the future, increasingly efficient low-emission engines, new materials and alternative aviation fuels, all of which underlined the industry’s ability to develop environmentally friendly aircraft technology that protects our climate.

During the fair 282 aircraft were exhibited on the ground and in the air. They included the world’s two largest airliners, an Airbus A-380 and a Boeing 747-8, as well as a Beluga from Airbus, the world’s most voluminous transport aircraft. An A-400M, the world’s most advanced military transporter, was on show in the air.

Exhibitors described their main objectives as presenting the company, informing trade visitors, attracting new customers and cultivating existing business relations. For the most part these aims were met. Well over 50 per cent of the exhibitors were satisfied with their commercial results at the fair and more than 70 per cent expect between satisfactory and very good follow-up business. In all, 87 per cent were satisfied with their visit to the ILA Berlin Air Show. 86 per cent of the exhibitors surveyed said they would be back at the next ILA Berlin Air Show.

 94 per cent of trade visitors were satisfied

Most of the trade visitors were from the following aviation and aerospace sectors: civil aviation, security and defence, aerospace, services, and research and development. The trade visitors were mainly interested in the flying displays and keen to establish new contacts and gain an overview of the market for aerospace products and services. Most of the foreign trade visitors came from Europe, in particular from Poland, Austria, the UK and France, as well as from North America and Southwest and Central Asia.


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